Next Generation
Cash Cycle Optimization
Next Generation
Cash Cycle Optimization


Despite credit and debit cards, new electronic forms of payment or electronic blockchain currencies, still cash remains the dominant means of payment worldwide. In fact, recent studies show that the worldwide cash circulation is steadily increasing.

Even in a world of low interest rates – the present reality in many Western economies – costs for cash distribution and management across the supply chain remain substantial and bind valuable resources. The good news: Often, those costs can be substantially reduced with the right technologies – while at the same time improving cash availabilities. Where interest rates are still high, the focus remains on optimizing the right balance between logistics and inventory holding costs.

Next Generation Cash Cycle Optimization

For well over 10 years, planfocus has offered first-class solutions and services that guarantee precise cash forecasting, planning and organization of cash distribution for a highly efficient currency supply chain. In fact, our solutions drive over 150 billion Euros in cash shipments per year for our clients, and growing every year.

Planfocus solutions are truly next generation: They significantly go beyond other available approaches in the market, both in terms of performance as well as process coverage. Join us on a journey through the following exciting pages. Read about the technologies for sustainable savings and find out how quickly your enterprise can achieve a rapid return on investment – with the right technologies and reliable partners.


Our Mission


Cash is an elementary piece of the economic freedom for citizens of every country. It is something that billions people care about and rely on each and every day. Yet cash is surprisingly complex and expensive to circulate. Our mission at planfocus is to provide intelligent technologies to make cash distribution as efficient as possible. With our solutions for the optimization of the cash cycle, we contribute to keep cash competitive among the different payment options available to consumers.

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planfocus sponsors Americas Cash Cycle Seminar, 12-15 November 2018, Los Angeles

The leading cash conference for the industry in the Americas region  – we’re looking forward to welcome you there!
Please visit us at our booth or be part of our Innovation Breakout Sessions:

Entering the Age of Cash Visibility
In a world of increased digitization, with diverse actors collaborating across the cash supply chain, and in times when cash holdings within the supply chain are becoming a major cost factor again, while transportation is becoming more dynamic, financial institutions and other market participants are in urgent need to bring in technologies to create true visibility across the cash supply chains — both to see current holdings and ongoing activities. This enables all market participants to automate collaboration through electronic interfaces, such as the ones standardized via GS1. This breakout showcases what technologies are readily available to use and what the benefits are.  

Interest Rate Hike is Coming. Get Prepared with AI.
In the highly cost-sensitive field of cash operations, with rising inflation and central banks back in a mode of hiking up interest rates, managing cash inventories efficiently across the supply chain becomes imperative. Our market experience shows that standard statistics tools are not able to cut down on cash inventories significantly without creating costs elsewhere or violate the SLAs. In this session we will introduce our Next Generation approach to Cash Cycle Optimization and explain why integration across ATMs, branches, vaults, and CiT is critical to achieve best-in-class results. This breakout will showcase how just-in-time cash service scheduling through automatic forecasting and planning, based on Artificial Intelligence exactly to demand can transform your cash cycle management.  


ING Belgium to Present at the Europe Cash Cycle Seminar

Looking forward to ING’s presentation at the Europe Cash Cycle Seminar in Dublin.


Planfocus Named a Top 25 FinTech Solution Provider 2018 by CIO Applications Europe

Planfocus is proud to be named as one of the Top 25 FinTech Solution Provider Companies – 2018 by CIO Applications Europe.

An Article about planfocus appears in the March Edition of the CIO Applications Europe FinTech Special Issue. The article can be downloaded as PDF from this link: Planfocus-CIOApplications_FinTech_Top25_Article_201803.

Please see also the link to the electronic edition of CIO Applications Europe, find planfocus on pages 42+43.

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Customer Success Stories

In this area you find short articles about customers who sucessfully optimize their cash supply chain with planfocus® solutions

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viocms_logo_10171planfocus among the winners of the Deloitte Technology Fast 50 Award, the Award which distinguishes the top companies in the technology sector in Germany.
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